Superior Dog Training provides many dog training services and programs. Before we take on any dog we would like to conduct an In-home evaluation with the dog or puppy, including the owner and family. The evaluation helps us to determine on what type of program or service the dog owner needs. Our in home evaluation takes around an hour to accomplish. This will enable us to ask questions through a questionnaire about the history of your dog. This will also enable us to do some temperament testing on your dog. The temperament testing will show us the dog’s way of thinking, alpha drives and energy levels. After the completion of the dog's temperament testing, we will find outh what the goals and needs are for the dog owner. Based on our findings we will tailor fit a program to best fit your needs and suggest a great benifical training program and schedual at that time. We don't try to sell you anything! We just want to provide a dog training service that the dog owner wants and needs. We have many dog training programs that will help the dog owner achieve their obedience goals!

Superior Dog Training offers many Dog Trainer services around Atlanta Ga that include:

  • » Basic Obedience Training ( In-home or Business)
  • » Advanced Obedience Training
  • » Housebreaking programs
  • » Personal Protection Dog Training
  • » Behavior Solving
  • » Puppy Training
  • » Dog training (boot camp) Your facility.
  • » Aggression Management
  • » Dog Agility training
  • » Group Classes
  • » Dog Training Schools
  • » Daily Dog Walks (with training)
  • » online dog training and support

Superior Dog Training does NOT use choke, pinch, prong, or E-collars. We use only humane methods for our dog obedience training! We utilize dog psychology for dogs and education for their owners!

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