Dog training Should be fun and positive
All of our dog training programs are tailored fit to meet the needs of every dog and their owner.

Superior Dog Training has a special teaching philosophy. We cater our methods to the individual dog's personality and needs. We know that every dog is different so we offer a tailored approach. Superior Dog Training can help with a variety of issues. We correct behavior problems such as: chewing, biting, aggression, and barking. We can house train your dog and make it so that your dog does not tug on the leash or have separation anxiety. Whatever your beloved animal needs to be safe and happy, Superior Dog Training can do.


Our methods are simply this: We teach you to understand how you dog thinks, learns and communicates by helping you to understand the psychology of your dog. Training dogs is easy, the difficult part is getting the dog to be obedient and respect the dog owner. This is why your included! Superior Dog Training doesn't just train the dogs, but we also help and promote the dog owner to be a pack leader! By doing this, a dog owner can learn to train and achieve their obedience goals. In other words we get your dog to work for you with a good happy attitude, and this will provide a great canine companion.

We only use flat collars for dog training! No choke collars and no treat bribery!

We strongly believe that dog training should be conducted in the dog's home environment first. We also believe that owner participation is essential. With proper training, your dog will be motivated to respond to your commands and understand right from wrong.

We believe that dogs first learn best in the home environment. We also believe that owner participation is key to effective learning. This method guarantees that your dog is relaxed and in a familiar setting, this is where the best training can start. We want to partner with you while training your dog. After all, you know your dog the best and care about your dog immeasurably.

As a professional dog obedience trainer we encourage the dog owner to conduct the training classes in their home environment. We promote this because the dog should initially learn in his daily, natural environment. This is where the dog’s true personality should be observed. When evaluating the dog in his natural environment, we can accurately determine the dogs true drives and personality. This is also convenient for the dog owner because we come to you! Our training philosophy is to teach the owner to gain respect from their dog without the use of choke collars, pinch collars, or food bribery. We are dog psychologists; we modify the dog’s way of thinking to directly change what the dog is doing. Therefore by getting the dog off of their agenda and getting on the owners agenda, removing stubbornness from the dog, taking over the alpha position, and showing leadership you will have a great obedient dog for the life of the dog. We guarantee it!

*Obedience only counts when the dog is distracted

* An obedient dog listens to you calmly even when distracted by an outside influence.

Superior Dog Training does NOT use choke, pinch, prong, or E-collars. We use only humane methods for our dog obedience training! We utilize dog psychology for dogs and education for their owners!

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