Dog Behavioural Issues:

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Dog Aggression

Dog aggression problems are never ending part of my work. Why? Once again incorrect socialising, rearing and training. Do you want to be sociable with everyone you meet? Don't expect your dog to to be either. Being well behaved and non aggressive is a totally different thing to being sociable. I do not want to be everyone's friend however i do not want to go around attacking or yelling at people, nor should your dog. Learn the right way to socialise and condition your dog to be well behaved and well mannered. Dog aggressive dogs are a nuisance to all and potentially very dangerous. Walking your dog should be a pleasure not a chore. We can teach your dog to ignore other dogs on your walk and teach you how to correctly handle and manage your dog.

For further help on any undesirable behaviors such as;

Pulling on the leash

Pulling on leash is not good for your dog's health and not good for your back and shoulder either and it also indicates to others that you have no control of your dog. We will have your dog walking on a loose lead in a matter of minutes
Not coming
Dog aggression

Destructive Behavior

Destructive behaviour can be avoided with correct puppy training. Unfortunately for many, they have received the incorrect advice to start with that encourages this undesirable behaviour. In most cases this behaviour can be modified thru obedience training and leadership. Prevention is better than cure, if you do have a puppy receive the right advice and train your puppy right!

Excessive barking
Mouthing or biting
Jumping up
Generally disobedient
People aggression
Scratching Doors
Overly excitable
Toilet Training
Not listening
Bolting across road
Food aggression
Other behaviors 

At Superior Dog Training we correct such problems. 

These behavioural issues won't disappear with age, and generally cannot be rectified at group obedience classes/boot camps, as this not where the problems are occuring. It is important that behavioural problems be addressed as soon as possible and always corrected in the dog or puppies home environment. 

We work with you and your dog to provide real solutions to your dog’s unwanted behaviour. We produce quick results and in an easy to understand process that will provide you with education and understanding and bring balance back into your life! Thus a happy dog or puppy

In the majority of cases problems that owners think will be difficult to rectify can be resolved in one consultation. Occasionally a follow up sessions may be required depending on the severity of the problem.