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For new puppy owners, it is an exciting time, but it can also be confusing not knowing what is the right thing to do. What if they start biting or chewing with their needle-sharp teeth? Or do a wee on the upholstery? What about toilet training? What about children and management with puppy. How do I know I am doing it the right way or not? Taking away the uncertainty makes a huge difference to puppy owners and their families and of course their new puppy.

Have you been to puppy school and still having problems? Are you confused? Have you read through the internet, read books, or received informaton from well meaning people? 

The largest percentage of problems with dogs arise through misinformation. John dispels all the myths and misconceptions by providing you with the right information eliminating the confusion he educates owners and their families on how to care for and raise their pup.

Correct handling and conditioning during this early period is vital because it sets a solid foundation for the way you want your dog to behave, now and in the future.

Jeff comes to you and he helps you settle your new puppy into it's new environment with designated feeding, sleeping and toilet areas, plus the establishment of a routine to suit you, will set a solid foundation for your pup's future good behaviour and stop any confusion. He teaches and works with you, so you can quickly learn how to communicate, handle and manage your puppy the right way.

Biting, chewing and jumping up can be avoided. Or if this behaviour has already started, it can, and should be corrected. Remember a naughty, untrained puppy, in most cases will become a badly-behaved adult dog.

Start as soon as possible, and receive the right information in your home environment.  
A 1 hour consultation lesson at  your home with Jeff will quickly get results. This is the ultimate way to learn. It is easy when you know how. You have the benefit of hands on help from a highly skilled professional at home right where the issues occur for you and your puppy.

Depending on your puppy and family situation, you may require some extra training classes in your home. 

Puppy Training Classes or Pre-school

Jeff totally disagrees with this concept. People are generally told this is important for socialisation. Nothing in his opinion could be further from the truth. Puppies do not socialise with dogs out of their pack in strange environments.

Most pre schools are conducted by well meaning Vet Nurses or amateur dog trainers who unfortunately are misinformed. This only causes confusion for owners and their dogs, we see the results every day by the calls that John has to attend to rectify and re educate owners.

Unfortunately, the highest percentage of dogs he attends to with anti social and undesirable behaviour have been to puppy pre-schools.

As professional dog trainer and behavioural specialist with over 26 years of experience Jeff does know what is best for young pups and their owners, he teaches you how to correctly handle and condition your pup in everyday situations which in the long term benefits you and your dog and results in a confident, obedient, and happy dog.

The first 6 months in a pup's life is the most crucial learning period therefore pups should be trained and handled correctly in and around their own environment.

Owners should only accept advice from a very experienced dog trainer in relation to puppy rearing and training to suit their individual pup's character and temperament.

We invite you to contact us about puppy socialisation, be informed. We dispel the myths and misconceptions surrounding socialisation.

Do you feel you have no control?

John produces results fast and in an easy to understand way that will provide you, your family including children with education and understanding. Find out what is right for you, your puppy, your lifestyle, your environment.

Superior Dog Training in Atlanta specialise in providing you with the right advice when it comes to managing your puppy's learing and training;

Puppy Obedience Quality Training, Proven Results
Toilet Training management
Establish the correct routines
Sleeping and Feeding arrangements
Crying issues
Setting boundaries at home
Jumping on people issues
Nipping, Mouthing or biting
Overly excitable puppies
Conditioning and Socialising your puppy in ealistic conditions & prevent dog aggression
Pulling on Lead
Digging or destructive Behaviour
Unnecessary barking
Separation anxiety
Training is tailored to suit you, your family your individual puppy, your lifestyle and environment
Education for owners
Learn how to prevent problems occuring in the first place!
Training and  consultation/lessons at your home, which is convenient and provides the most effective outcome