Superior Dog Training provides the knowledge and skills for the dog owner to achieve and maintain a well behaved and obedient dog

Most dog owners do not care about their dogs doing any tricks or amazing obedient tasks. They are mostly concerned about getting their dog to behave in their home environment, with their family, at the park, or on their daily dog walks through their neighborhood. Superior Dog Training provides training programs and specializes in helping dog owners who want to correct and modify their dog's misbehavior's. There are many home remedies that dog owners use to correct behavior problems, These remedies only last a short while. Although by completing one of our many comprehensive in home dog training courses, the dog owner will successfully learn to modify their dogs behavior on a consistent level and maintain their dogs obedience. Thus having a well behaved obedient dog in which they can enjoy on a daily basis, for the life of their dog. Having a well trained dog not only helps with correcting annoying behaviors, but it also enables the dog owner to save valuable time in their daily routine. So if you would like a happy, relaxed, obedient, dog trained by (Superior Dog Training) then give us a call today! We have amazing and instant results that we guarantee. We are a in home dog training school for dogs and their owners!

We have developed a great management system over the last 23 years to accomplish this. We want our clients to have a dog they always wanted and keep them that way. Training the dog is the easy part of our job. The difficult part is training the dog owner, which is about 90% of the battle. Dogs and puppies are much easier to train than the dog owner! We also provide a group class setting if that's what the dog owner chooses.

We offer many comprehensive dog training programs that utilize dog psychology and methodology for the owner to gain the training experience the he or she desires. We want your canine companion to be the best dog you ever had!

If you experience any of the following behaviors, call us today so we can get you started!

  • » Chewing
  • » Barking
  • » Growling
  • » Dog aggression
  • » Jumping on the furniture
  • » Getting into the trash
  • » Leaving the yard or area
  • » Agressive biting
  • » Protest biting
  • » Fear biting
  • » Tugging on leash
  • » Won’t come when called
  • » Jumping on people
  • » Door Crashing
  • » Play biting
  • » Digging in yard
  • » Taking food off the table
  • » Runs out of the house
  • » Refuses to be on the leash
  • » Car Sickness
  • » Chasing People
  • » Eating Stool
  • » Balking
  • » Territorial issues
  • » Potting in the house
  • » Not coming when called


If you are experiencing any of these problems we can help! Go ahead and give us a call 678-458-2230

Superior Dog Training does NOT use choke, pinch, prong, or E-collars. We use only humane methods for our dog obedience training! We utilize dog psychology for dogs and education for their owners!

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